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Our expertise ranges from operating facilities to running and working large community legacy programmes, through to major national events.

Consequently, we believe we can offer consultancy that stretches from strategic planning through to implementation, with the client knowing we have been involved in the delivery of such activities and have the practical and not just the theoretical experience.

Working with Governing Bodies

D.P.Leisure works closely with STA (Safety Training Awards) in the development of Pool Plant. D.P.L helped develop the most recent STA Level 3 Pool Plant Operations manual and assessment papers. D.P.L runs pilot courses for the STA and gives feedback / guidance where necessary to the governing body.

On-going Training

D.P.Leisure manages many sites in relation to on-going training. With over 15 sites and 250 lifeguards and swimming instructors undertaking the training with D.P.L monthly.


Documentation Support

Development of documentation to coincide with industry guidance including development of “Pool Safety Operating Procedures” (P.S.O.P), Risk Assessments and day to day operational documentation. Many sites unfortunately lack these legal documentations and D.P.L aim to prevent this.


D.P.Leisure offers a fully comprehensive service in audits to ensure compliance for all industries. Audits can include, Pool Plant Operations (PPO), First Aid needs analysis, and site documentation including; P.S.O.P,  E.A.P,  N.O.P.

DPL's consultant will collaborate with the client every step of the way during our Audits, and supply a fully comprehensive report following the visit. Ensure your site is compliant with relevant industry standards and enquire about our Audit service.

DPL are now also offering a "Remote" Audit process for our clients, please get in touch for more information on this remote service.

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