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D.P.Leisure know that owning a hot tub means you enjoy the finer things in life - so the last thing you want is a dirty spa. We won't let that happen. D.P.Leisure offer a range of servicing and maintenance packages, designed to keep your spa running at its best. 

Our Engineers at D.P.Leisure are fully qualified and insured to carry out all aspects of spa servicing and maintenance.


Although we recommend a regular maintenance plan, you can also request our cleaning service to scrub up your hot tub for a special event or just your peace of mind.

Our professional cleaning service does more than just drain and re-fill your spa: we will thoroughly test and sanitise every nook and cranny of your hot tub, making it a safe, sanitary space to relax in.

Please note that the cleaning service, unlike the maintenance service, will not repair any faults in your system. However, it can prevent future faults from occurring by clearing dangerous debris.


When purchasing a spa, you’re investing in your downtime – and nothing kills your sense of serenity like a malfunctioning spa. Just as with any other piece of machinery, it’s important to invest in regular maintenance for your spa.

Over time debris can build up, pipes can become rough and contaminated, and electronics can be worn down. Your hot tub doesn’t have to get this way. Regular TLC from our experts can keep your spa fresh and functioning for as long as possible.

To keep your spa running smoothly over the course of its life, we recommend choosing to get the monthly service. Our six monthly and annual service is intensive and long-lasting, but it could cost you more if something goes wrong before that twelfth month of hot-tubbing. Early detection – and resolution – of problems is key to a healthy hot tub year-round. A monthly check-up is a good start.

Whether you want a package deal or just a once-over, we’re here to inspect and correct your hot tub.

Please ensure that when we arrive for spa maintenance your tub is filled with water and turned on.

Available packages

  • One Off Service 

  • Monthly Maintenance & Service (12 month contract)

  • 6 Monthly Maintenance & Service (12 month contract)

  • Emergency Maintenance

For more information on our servicing and maintenance contracts, or would like a free quotation then please email: info@dp-leisure.co.uk 

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